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[BA] 드래프트 1라운드 찍기 (2)
 터치터치  | 2004·05·22 21:59 | HIT : 3,947 | VOTE : 378
11. PIRATES. Following ownership's wishes, the Pirates have played it safe the last three years by going for college pitching. The word this year, though, is that they'll take a high school position player: either Walker, a product of suburban Pittsburgh, or Nelson. Pirates GM Dave Littlefield has seen Walker several times while scouting director Ed Creech, who lives in Georgia, has been a regular at Nelson's games. If Nelson is gone, as expected, the Pirates would consider California high school shortstop Trevor Plouffe, who is not a consensus first-round talent.

   PROJECTED PICK: Neil Walker.

오너쉽의 바램을 좇아서 3년 연속 하이픽으로 대딩 투수를 뽑았었는데, 이번에는 범상한 기류가 흐르나 봅니다.  난데없는 고딩 포수의 이름이 떡-하니 나오네여.  피츠버그 교외의 로컬 보이란 점도 중요하게 작용할 수 있나 보네여.

순번이 이쯤부터는, 상위픽으로 예상되었던 애들 중 누가 미끄러져 내려오느냐가 매우 중요하겠져.  

12. ANGELS. The Angels don't have a second- or third-round pick and will go for broke with their first-rounder. They will not hesitate to take Bailey, Bush or Nelson--the three best high school players in the draft--in this spot. Plan B would also be a prep player, either Rogers or California righthander Philip Hughes.

   PROJECTED PICK: Mark Rogers.

여기서 한 명 뽑고 이후 3라운드까지 굶어야 하져.  로저스는 이스트코스트 북쪽 끝 메인 출신 고딩 투수로, 38이닝 3안타 9볼넷 99삼진의 만행을 동네 야구서 저질러 버렸고, 필립 휴즈는 캘리포니아산 고딩 투수입니다.

마크 로저스 최근 리포트...

Mark Rogers, rhp ?Mount Ararat HS, Topsham, Me.

Mark Rogers was expected to dominate the overmatched Maine competition this season. But he performance has been astonishing. The 6-foot-2, 220-pound senior righthander had not allowed more than one hit in any of his six outings. He had back-to-back 20-strikeouts performances and his lone no decision was a nine-inning, 22-strikeout effort versus Lawrence High in Fairfield, Me. Rogers left the game after throwing 128 pitches, six of which hit 96 mph in the ninth. Rogers, a Miami signee, has made life interesting for major league scouts who are unaccustomed to traveling to cold-weather states. "Some of them get off a plane in Portland and go straight to the L.L. Bean outlet to get some winter clothes," Mark's father and coach, Craig Rogers said. "Three or four teams that didn't have first-round picks told us they wished Mark well but that they didn't think they would be coming back because they didn't think he was going to get out of the first round."

13. EXPOS. The Expos are a franchise in limbo and have every reason to go after an undervalued college reliever capable of helping the big league club almost immediately. They did it a year ago when they surprised everyone by selecting Cal State Fullerton's Chad Cordero, who reached Montreal in a matter of weeks. Two closer candidates they have pursued this year are Texas righthander Huston Street and William & Mary lefthander Bill Bray. They've also looked closely at Diamond, a former college closer, and Townsend, whom many clubs project as a reliever. Expos GM Omar Minaya also has scouted Elbert personally, further clouding the hardest pick to predict.

   PROJECTED PICK: Thomas Diamond.

돈 문제 때문에, 작년처럼 저평가된 대학 릴리버를 즉시전력감으로 뽑을지도 모르져.  그때보다 상황이 하나도 나아진게 없으니까여.

미나야가 갠적으로 엘버트를 스카우트한 적이 있었다는데, 팀 사정 때문에 어려운 선택이 될 듯 하거...

다이아몬드는 또하나의 일렉트릭 패스트볼을 구사하는 파워피처로, 타운젠드처럼 장차 릴리버 가능성도 있다고 합니다.

14/29. ROYALS. The budget-conscious Royals have already coughed up $1.05 million to sign Luis Cota, the best draft-and-follow from 2003. With three of the first 31 selections this year, they may resort to cost-cutting measures such as predraft deals and drafting college seniors in the early rounds. They took a similar tack a year ago when they signed their fifth- through ninth-round picks, all college seniors, for $1,000 apiece. With their first pick, the Royals have looked at Princeton outfielder B.J. Szymanski and two other college power hitters, Miami (Ohio) first baseman Mike Ferris and Oklahoma State third baseman Josh Fields, who could reach Kansas City quickly. For local impact, they've also kept a close eye on Elbert, a Missouri high school product. Florida high school lefthander Gio Gonzalez and Lambert are also on their wish list. The Royals are hoping they'll be available with their second and third picks--if they can afford them.

   PROJECTED PICKS: Mike Ferris (14)/Gio Gonzalez (29).

드래프트 앤 팔로우로 루이스 코타란 넘과 계약하는데 이미 105만불을 써버렸다네여.  상위픽은 많은데 빠듯한 버짓 문제가 생각보다 가볍지 않은가 봅니다.  작년에 5-9라운드 동안 대학 시니어만을 지명한 전력이 있었네여.  

대딩 파워배트들인 중견수 스지만스키, 1루수 마이크 페리스, 3루수 조쉬 필즈가 거론되는데, 로컬 보이 엘버트도 무시할 수 없겠거, 플로리다의 고딩 레프티 지오 곤잘레스, 보스턴 컬리지의 크리스 램버트도 처음 이름을 내밀고 있습니다.  29, 31번픽까지 이들이 내려온다면 좋겠지만, 돈도 생각해야 할 것입니다.

15. DIAMONDBACKS. Arizona has made college pitching its priority and should have numerous arms to choose from. Among those it has pursued hardest are Diamond, Lambert, and lefthanders Glen Perkins of Minnesota and David Purcey, out of Oklahoma.

   PROJECTED PICK: David Purcey.

대딩 피처 찾기에 혈안이 될거란 식이네여.  사실이라면 1라운드에 국한되지는 않을 것입니다.

16. BLUE JAYS. Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi is a disciple of Athletics GM Billy Beane. He has brought the A's approach to his current organization, which has scouted college players almost exclusively, with the priority being a lefthander. They like Sowers but more realistically are looking at Jackson, Perkins and Purcey. They would also consider Virginia Commonwealth righthander Justin Orenduff.

   PROJECTED PICK: Zach Jackson.

마찬가지인데 여긴 대딩 투수 중에서도 좌완에 탐닉할지 모른다는 얘기.

17/28. DODGERS. The Dodgers have three of the first 33 selections, but the player they select first will settle a debate about whether the Dodgers will stick to the old-school, tools-oriented approach of scouting director Logan White or adopt the performance-based philosophy of new GM Paul DePodesta. If White continues to call the shots, as most insiders believe, he should continue to emphasize the kind of high school talent that has revitalized the farm system. White has been looking at Elbert and Rogers, along with local products like Hughes, Plouffe and righthander Mark Trumbo. Wisconsin high school righthander Erik Cordier and Texas high school outfielder Brandon Allen are also White favorites. But he might be forced to balance his picks with a proven college pitcher like Florida righthander Justin Hoyman or Long Beach State lefthander Jason Vargas.

   PROJECTED PICKS: Scott Elbert (17)/Justin Hoyman (28).

로간 화이트와 드포데스타 사이에서 어떤 스카우팅 어프로치가 탄생하느냐 관심이 가는 대목인데, 기존 방식이 우세할 거란 예상이네여.  Most insiders가 글케 생각한다는데...Most fans도 비슷할 듯...실재하는 탑 유망주 등등이 서포트해주니까여.

화이트의 페이보릿?들이 주욱 열거됬는데, 과연 저 중에 뽑을라나...앞순번 팀이 결정적인 정보를 미리 캐치할 수 있다면 '묻지마 지명'도 괜찮을 거 같은데. ㅎㅎ  

빠져나갈 구멍을 만들어논 건지 대딩 투수들도 살짜기 언급해 주고 있져. ㅎ  

18. WHITE SOX. The White Sox would prefer a college pitcher and have pursued such arms as Diamond, Hoyman, Perkins, Purcey and Vargas, but they may find it irresistible to pass on a big bat like Ferris or Szymanski.

   PROJECTED PICK: B.J. Syzmanski.

대딩 투수들에 관심이 더 많지만, 페리스나 스지만스키를 외면하기도 쉽지 않을 거라는...

19. CARDINALS. Few clubs have a handle on what the Cardinals are planning. They appear to be the latest organization to buy into the stat-savvy approach in analyzing talent. College lefthanders like Jackson, Perkins and Purcey are ideal selections for the Cardinals, as is Oklahoma State third baseman Josh Fields.

   PROJECTED PICK: Josh Fields.

탤런트 분석 등 스카우팅에 있어, 스탯에 기반한 어프로치를 가장 늦게 도입한 조직이 될 것 같습니다.(?)

20/22/25. TWINS. With five selections before the second round this year, the Twins have one eye on talent and another on their budget. Among the high school arms they've pursued are Elbert and Hurley, along with Rhode Island righthander Jay Rainville; they've also looked hard at local product Perkins. The Twins also have their sights on Plouffe and Missouri shortstop Blake DeWitt, two of the best pure hitters in the nation; and Hurley's high school teammate Billy Butler and California outfielder Chuck Lofgren, two of the nation's better power-hitting prospects.

   PROJECTED PICKS: Eric Hurley (20)/Glen Perkins (22)/Jay Rainville (25).

본의아니게 5명을 픽하는 1라운드의 큰손이 되었는데, 버짓 맞춰서 적당적당히 뽑아가시길...

21. PHILLIES. Purcey ranks high on the Phillies' wish list. If he's gone, as expected, the Phillies would consider Orenduff or South Carolina lefthander Matt Campbell.

   PROJECTED PICK: Justin Orenduff.

오렌더프는 다이아몬드 등과 함께 지속적으로 주목받아온 넘이고, 맷 캠벨은 커브가 작살인 좌완입니다.  툴 랭킹에서 캠벨의 커브가 브레이킹볼 대딩 2위에 선정됬었죠.

23. YANKEES. The Yankees have an opportunity to rejuvenate a barren farm system with three of the first 41 selections. They haven't tipped their hand, so it's not clear if they'll take the same conservative approach of recent drafts. In that case, they'd consider college pitchers like Hoyman or Alabama lefthander Taylor Tankersley. If they decide to opt for higher-risk/higher-reward talent, Szymanski, Arizona State first baseman Jeff Larish, Golson and Washington high school shortstop Matt Tuiasosopo would be in their mix. More likely they'll split the difference and consider a polished high school pitcher like Hughes.

   PROJECTED PICK: Philip Hughes.

양키가 뽑는 애들이 정말로 즉시전력감이 되는 애들이져.

24/26. ATHLETICS. With four picks before the second round, the A's have a golden opportunity to create a sequel to the "Moneyball" draft of 2002. They should go for college hitters who are long on performance and/or plate discipline. They'll also look at pitchers with impressive track records but limited stuff. The pool of position players who fit their profile includes Ferris, Arizona State shortstop Dustin Pedroia, Stanford outfielder Danny Putnam and Cal State Fullerton catcher Kurt Suzuki. Campbell, Central Florida righthander Matt Fox, Texas lefthander J.P. Howell, North Carolina State righthander Michael Rogers and Texas closer Huston Street are on their short list of pitchers. Surprisingly, the A's have shown interest in a couple of premium high school players, specifically Plouffe and Puerto Rican outfielder Reinaldo Alicano.

   PROJECTED PICKS: Danny Putnam (24)/Huston Street (26).

영리한 느낌의 숏스탑/레프티인 트레버 플러피 등 극소수 고딩에게도 관심을 나타냈다는데, 지인짜루..? ㅋ

27. MARLINS. The Marlins will see how the first round unfolds, but they are known to have a strong interest in Jackson, Rogers and Georgia outfielder Dexter Fowler.

   PROJECTED PICK: Dexter Fowler.


Here's how BA assesses the six teams that don't have first-round picks:

64. ASTROS. The Astros love big, hard throwers, and no one throws harder than 6-foot-3, 240-pound Collin Mahoney, a catcher-turned-closer who reached triple digits on the radar gun this spring for Clemson.

   PROJECTED PICK: Collin Mahoney.

그 백업포수에서 불펜투수로 전향해 대박난 클렘슨의 트리플 디짓 가이...

65. RED SOX. The Red Sox have wholeheartedly gone to performance-based approach and will jump on the best college player in that mold who slides to them. Among the candidates are Larish, James Madison outfielder Mike Butia and Rutgers outfielder Jeff Frazier.

   PROJECTED PICK: Jeff Frazier.

당근 어벨러블한 베스트 대딩을 뽑을 거라는...

66. CUBS. Cubs GM Jim Hendry and Notre Dame coach Paul Mainieri are longtime friends, and you can bet Mainieri has let Hendry know that his best prospect, 6-foot-5 righthander Grant Johnson, is healthy again after missing last year with labrum surgery. Johnson is a Chicago kid to boot.

   PROJECTED PICK: Grant Johnson.

헨드리와 대학 스탭의 친분......그리고 부상 경력이라...ㅎ

70. GIANTS. The Giants prefer hard throwers and had a large delegation on hand to see Rice righthander Josh Baker duel San Jose State righthander Matt Durkin in early May. Durkin was up to 95 that day.

   PROJECTED PICK: Matt Durkin.

71. BRAVES. The Braves typically look at high school talent from their backyard and have plenty of candidates to pick from, like Georgia prep pitchers Michael Schlact, Luke Putkonen and Tim Murphey. They'd also snap up Fowler if he slides. California lefthander Eric Berger, Tennessee two-way star Kyle Waldrop and Tuiasosopo would also be considerations.

   PROJECTED PICK: Kyle Waldrop.

93. MARINERS. By signing lefthander Eddie Guardado and outfielder Raul Ibanez as free agents, the Mariners forfeited their first two selections. New scouting director Bob Fontaine had a strong preference for college players when he had the same position with the Angels. He'll consider a potential high-impact talent that slides through the draft or one of many college players, like Maryland outfielder Justin Maxwell, that are first-round talents but were injured for all or part of the 2004 season.

   PROJECTED PICK: Justin Maxwell.

새로운 스카우팅 디렉터인 밥 폰틴?은 천사팜 시절 대딩 선호가 두드러졌었다네여.
23번픽 양키스를 보니 즈민스키, 래리쉬도 거론되고 있는디 예상픽은 필립 휴즈군여...
제발 휴즈 뽑아라...휴즈 오면 곧바로 팀 내 팜 랭킹 2위는 먹을 듯...ㅎㅎㅎ

04·05·22 22:39

휴스....고딩 치고는 꽤 안전한 픽이죠....
컨트롤도 쭈욱 좋은걸로 알아줬었구요.......

04·05·22 22:44

아덴하트 드래프트 불참이 점쳐지는 가운데 로저스가 고딩 남바투까진 아니더라더 하튼 요즘 주목 졈 받는거 같더만여...

말씀대러 스탯이 나무랄때 없이 매우 마니 엄청 조은데...

이분이 주로 노시는곳이 선수층이 상대적으러 졈 얇은 리그라 동네짱 먹는게 무슨 대수냐 이래 보는 시각더 있더군녀...

그래더 백이십개 훌쩍 넘긴 9회에 직구 대여섯개를 구십육마일 쳐찍었다거 그라니...

자질은 충분한듯 함다... 베스트 속구 랭킹에서더 나왔듯이 빠른볼은 베일리에 별러 안꿀릴 만큼 먹어준다는 평가져...

양키는 지가 볼때 휴즈 보담은 래리쉬로 귀결 되지 않겠느냐 일케 뵈는데...

Foothill High (Calif.) All-American pitcher Phil Hughes throws in the upper 90s and has an unhittable slider, but his mental makeup is what makes him such a promising pro prospect.

At 6-foot-5 and 215 pounds, Hughes has an ideal pitcher's frame. He's got room to fill out and stuff that already grades out at major league average or better. His fastball has been clocked up to 94 mph this summer, but sat in the 90-92 range last week. His short, quick slider will be a second plus pitch and after a shaky outing with his command early in the week, Hughes rebounded to show an overpowering fastball-slider combo in his second two-inning outing.

사이즈 프레임 좋고 딜리버리 깨끗한 편이고... 작년말 리포트 보면 구속이 전성기만큼 안 나온다 그러는데...

위에 나오듯이 하이 나인티는 구라성인거 같거 미드 나인티 종종 찍는 정도인거 같거 슬라이더가 꽤 좋나 봄다...

그니깐 23번 까지 안 밀릴거 같져...

베일리 롸저스와 함께 고딩 우완 에이스 파워 피쳐 포텐셜이라고 보심 될듯...

그래더 요런 스탈의 투수 뽑고 싶으신 분덜은 야들과 함께 거의 비슷한 포텐셜인 제이 레인빌 함 츄라이 해 볼만 함다...

래리쉬더 애초에 얼추 검증된 파워히터로서 1라운드 널널하지 않겠느냐 이래 봤지만 이분이 돈 졈 밝힐걸러 예상되기땜에

양키정도 되야 잡는 시늉 졈 하지 않을가 요래덜 보시더군녀...

04·05·23 00:20

근데 래리쉬 요즘 하는 꼴을 보면...-_-;;
컨택능력이 좀 딸려 보이는데...작년에도 몬스터급 볼넷비율로 출루율 짱먹긴 했지만..볼넷에 비례해서 역시나 삼진도 더럽게 많았죠....그렇다고 타율이 그렇게 먹어주는 수준도 아니었는데......
올해는 파워까지 허접하다는..쩌업...그래도 미우나 고우나 한 2라운드로 미끄러지면 텍사스에서 낼름 했으면 한다는.....

04·05·23 00:38

올시즌 초 시작할때 보다 가치가 마니 떨어진 감이 없지 않아 있져...

70 power potential from another Pac-Ten corner guy. Larish’s monster sophomore season moved him into 2004 1st round contention and the 34th round high school pick may well improve his stock as much as anyone as a result.

Larish was slated to redshirt as a freshman before the team's hitting woes in 2002 led coach Pat Murphy to install him in the lineup. He hasn't stopped hitting since. He is a streak hitter, often hitting home runs in bunches. His eight homers last summer with Team USA--most of which came in a one-week stretch--were the most since the college team switched to wood bats in 1999. Larish also has a knack for driving in runs; he had 95 RBIs in 2003, second in the nation.

Larish could become a better all-around hitter than Michael Aubrey (Tulane), the 11th overall pick in 2003, because of his control of the strike zone.

Larish's resume at Arizona State includes time at third and first base. He has a strong arm and should play at least some outfield this spring. First base, which he played all of 2003, is his best position.

t1껄 보면 파워 포텐셜에 대한 기대치도 상당했고 ba에 나오듯이 국대서 나무러 1주일에 홈런 8개 몰아치고 또 포지션도 졈 버사타일 하다는 졈도 부각됐었는데...

.298 .389 .823

올시즌은 졈 망가져 보이져... 특히나 작년 시즌 스탯이이 워나기 몬스터끕이다보니 더 두드러지는거 같거...

타격 메카닉이 무너졌다 이런 소리더 들었는데 수비하다가 다친 손목이 홈런수가 줄어드는데 가장 큰 몫을 하지 않았나 이래 보는

시각도 있기 땜에... 아직 가치가 바닥인거는 아니라고 봄다...

물론 성적이 기대 못미치다 보니 당초 나돌던 계약금보다는 마니 싸진 금액으러 잡을수 있지 않나 요래 뵈기더 하는군녀...

04·05·23 08:15

Nick Adenhart, the Williamsport High pitcher who was expected to go within the first 10 picks in next month's amateur baseball draft, will undergo reconstructive ligament surgery on his right elbow after suffering an injury in his last start.

The injury most likely will dissuade teams from taking Adenhart in the first round. He has a scholarship at the University of North Carolina and plans on pitching for the Tar Heels after redshirting his first season.

He'll be eligible for the draft again after three years.

"We firmly believe he'll wear a major league uniform. The only difference is he'll have a college education."

앞서도 얘기나왔지만 mri 검사 결과 수술 받는쪽으러 이제 학실하게 결정 했나 봄다...

이로써 담달 드래프트는 99.9% 물건너 가게 되겠고... 베일리를 비롯한 고딩 피쳐들은
상대적으러 가치가 졈 상승하겠군녀...
unc 스칼라쉽을 받아놨기 땜에 진학할걸로 보이고 3년뒤에 드래프트에 나올수 있겠씀다..

04·05·23 14:03

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